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Last Name First Code Content Paper date pg:col.

Cade WH ITEM Plaintiff in District Court SD26Oct1873 3:1

Cadwell Flora Abigail VRD Dau of O.N. & Rosa B. * WP3Sep1870 2:7

Cadwell O. ITEM Orizaba passenger SD23Oct1873 3:1

Cadwell O.N. ITEM Letter re:his vines DP29Sep1873 2:3

Caldwell James VRM to Margaret Farmer* DN27Apr1876 3:3

Caldwell T. SOC Officer* ST14Jan1871 3:1

Califf Hortense VRM to Mr. W.H. Montague* WP29May1880 8:5

Call S.F. ITEM SB poem printed ST23Nov1872 2:3

Camargo Antonio VRB Son, 22 Dec SD23Dec1873 2:3

Camarillo Praxedes VRD 12Apr in SB* SP14Apr1869 2:4

Camp Geo. C. VRB Dau, 22 Apr, in SB WP24Apr1875 13:2

Campbell A. ITEM new dentist in SB ST14Dec1872 3:1

Campbell Wm. J. VRD 17Dec in SB age 43* ST25Dec1872 2:4

Campe Mr/s H. VRB In SB 16th, dau, 11# DN18Jan1876 3:3

Campi George VRM to Juana M Cordero* WP5Sep1874 11:3

Canfield Mr. ITEM SB Water owner* ST18Dec1872 3:1

Canfield Mr/s A.W. VRB in SB 4Mar, a son DN5Mar1876 3:4

Canizarez Candalaria VRD Creditor notice (and 23 Oct) SD15Oct1873 2:4

Cardon Mary L.A. VRM to G.M. Twist, in SB 15 Jan* WT18Jan1873 2:3

Carnes M.W. VRM to Mr. G.W. Covarrubias* WP3Apr1880 8:5

Carpentier E.R. ITEM Arrived from SF SD19Sep1873 3:1

Carpentier E.R. ITEM Arrived from SF SD17Sep1873 2:1

Carr D.D.F. VRD In SB 13Dec, 60yr* DN15Dec1875 3:3

Carrillo Don Jose VRD 25Jul, age 64* ST29Jul1871 2:4

Carrillo Manuella ITEM Case before Common Council SD15May1874 3:1

Carrillo, de Refugia O ITEM Land title* SD20Feb1874 3:1

Carrillo Romato? VRD 17Apr age 19, in SB WP20Apr1872 3:2

Case P. Henry VRM to Helen S. Brastow* WP10May1879 8:5

Casebeere Rose VRM to Mr. G.W. Rogers 17May* WP29May1880 8:5

Casebolt Margaret E. VRM to Mr. Evan A. Edwards* WP16Jul1870 2:7

Cassell Mr. ITEM Supt. Los Prietos Mine* DP15Jan1875 3:1

Cauts Mary ITEM Orizaba passenger SD23Oct1873 3:1

Cavaglieri Maria A. VRD 13 Jan in SB (Antonia) WP17Jan1874 4:6

Cebrian J.C. ITEM Resigned as Town Surveyor DP30Jan1874 3:1

Cerrian Mr. ITEM Architect moves SD7May1874 3:1

Chalfant ------ ITEM Divorced July 1873; homestead divided* DP31Mar1874 1:5

Chase Capt. ITEM Murdered, article DP25Oct1872 2:3

Chase Capt. ITEM Schooner owner* ST4Feb1871 3:1

Chatuneuf A.E. VRD Fatal accident* ST18Jun1870 3:1

Childs Geo. E. ITEM Grand juror ST7May1870 3:

Chrisman Maude VRM to Dr. J.N. Wiley 6May* WP15May1880 3:7

Chung Ah ITEM Arrested* WP26Dec1874 12:2

Church Mrs ACC Of the Patera; hurt DP26Dec1873 3:1

Clanton Hester A VRM to August M. Smith 16Sep* WP21Sep1872 3:2

Clanton Hester A. VRM 16Sep to A.M Smith* ST21Sep1872 2:3

Clapp Ransons VRD 28Jun, aged abt 45* WP5Jul1873 2:3

Clark Mr. ITEM His Nursery described DP12Jan1874 3:2

Clark Mrs. SOC 4July celeb ST9Jul1870 2:1

Clark Anna H. VRM to Robert W. Smith in SB* WP24Aug1872 3:2

Clark Anna H. VRM 21Aug to RW Smith* ST24Aug1872 2:3

Clark Cady C VRD 25Mar age 7 1/2, hip disease* WP31Mar1877 8:8

Clark Charles ITEM Released from jail; complications* DP21Feb1874 3:1

Clark Charles ITEM Sentenced for stealing DP18Dec1873 3:1

Clark Charles ITEM Arrested for stealing DP17Dec1873 3:1

Clark D.B. ITEM sold date palms* DP11Mar1873 3:1

Clark D.B. ITEM G. juror; nurseyman SD1Mar1874 3:1

Clark Dr. Dean ITEM Lecturer on spiritualism DP3Mar1874 3:1

Clark G. G. VRM To Francis Harmon* ST13Aug1870 2:4

Clark George G. VRM to Frances M. Harmon* WP13Aug1870 3:6

Clark I.N. VRM to Mrs Eliz. Schuster* WP6May1871 2:4

Clark Isaac N. VRM To Eliz. Shuster* ST6May1871 2:4

Clark L.C. ITEM New house on Cota St* DP13Mar1874 3:1

Clark Wm VRM to Miss Rose Grey 14Jun* WP5Jul1879 8:4

Clifford Josephine VRM to Edward W. Steele* WP7Oct1871 2:4

Clifton infant VRD 26May son of M/M Henry WP2Jun1878 7:6

Clifton Mr. ITEM Cottage finished. Is deputy sheriff.* DP21Apr1874 3:1

Clifton Mr/Mrs H. VRB May 26 in SB, dau. ST3Jun1871 2:4

Clifton Henry VRM to Mrs Louisa B. Dunne* WP1Jul1869 2:3

Cline Joseph VRM to Annie Porter* WP13Aug1870 3:6

Cline Joseph VRM To Annie Puter* ST13Aug1870 2:4

Cline Joseph VRB Son 26Jun, in SB WP1Jul1871 2:4

Clinton Hugh VRD 5 Jan, age 8 yr* SD6Jan1874 2:2

Cocke George C VRB Son 28Apr on the Oso Flaco WP8May1880 3:6

Coe Dr. ITEM shot E. Urquiles* DP23Oct1873 3:1

Coe Dr. ITEM Shot a man SD23Oct1873 3:1

Coe John, Dr. ITEM Court case DP8Dec1873 3:1

Cohen Cecelia VRD 8 Mar, age 25* SD10Mar1874 3:1

Cohen M. ITEM Furniture being auctioned, list of SD15Mar1874 2:3

Cohen Mrs. M. ITEM Orizaba passenger SD23Oct1873 3:1

Cohn Mrs. K. VRB Dau, 14 Jun, in LA WP19Jun1880 8:3

Coiner Florence L. VRM to William H Rice 14Apr WP24Apr1880 8:4

Colby Ella VRM to Milton Dimmick 21Sep* WP4Oct1879 8:4

Colby Mary VRM to E.H. Pierce* ST30Dec1871 2:4

Colby Mary E. VRM to Mr. E.H. Pierce 22Dec* WP1Jan1872 3:4

Cole Charles C VRD 21 Dec, age 32, of NY WP4Dec1875 8:2

Collier B.H. PRO Notice to creditors* ST31Dec1870 2:6

Collier B.H. VRD 10 March in SB* ST11Mar1871 2:4

Collier B.H. OBT Memorium by IOOF ST18Mar1871 2:4

Collier Barnabas H VRD In SB, 10Mar, age 52* WP11Mar1871 3:2

Collins George L VRD 7Aug age 7yr 10mo, in SB* WP9Aug1879 8:6

Collins G.N. LAND Desc of home ST9Jul1870 3:1

Collins Geo. N. ITEM Gr.juror;blacksmith DP20Sep1873 3:1

Colvin Mr. ITEM Of Carp.; buying bricks* DP14Jan1875 3:1

Colyer Vincent ITEM Left, article abt ST13Apr1872 3:2

Cone --- ACC fell; carpenter* DP15Sep1873 3:1

Conley Anna B. VRM to Peter B. Tomeney in SB Apr 3* DP3Apr1874 3:1

Conley Anna B. VRM to Peter B. Tomeney* WP4Apr1874 5:3

Connell Peter VRD 11Oct age 30, at sea* WP17Oct1874 12:3

Connor Thomas J VRM to Lucy C. Pettygrove* WP11Nov1876 7:7

Cook Isaac ITEM New citizenship* ST25Feb1871 2:4

Cook Mr ITEM new elegant mansion ST13Nov1872 3:1

Cook Mary VRM 4Sep to Z. Hector* ST9Sep1871 2:4

Cook Mortimer POL New Mayor DP7Apr1874 2:1

Cook Mortimer ACC Buggy, family* ST21Aug1872 3:1

Cook Mortimer ITEM from Topeka, opened bank WP6Jan1872 3:2

Cook Mortimer POL Article debating his mayor candidancy* DP1Apr1874 1:5

Cook Mortimer ITEM Request new steam engine* DP9Jan1874 3:1

Cook Mortimer ITEM New mansion ST24Jul1872 3:1

Cook Mortimer POL Nominated for Mayor; debate over* DP31Mar1874 2:1

Cook Mortimer ITEM Citizens group chairman* SD18Jan1874 3:1

Cool Rev. P.Y. ITEM M.E. Church pastor leaving WP27Aug1870 3:1

Cooley Alice VRD 27Oct age 7mo 22days* WP31Oct1874 12:4

Cooley F. Esq. POL Re-election bid* DP1Oct1873 3:1

Cooley Harriet VRD 21 Apr; age 61* ST23Apr1870 2:4

Cooley W.R. VRM to Anarpa Hargan* ST4Jun1870 2:3

Cooley Mrs Wm R VRB In SB 15Jul, son ST20Jul1872 2:4

Cooley Mr/s.W.R. VRB In SB, dau, Mar 6 SD6Mar1874 3:1

Cooley Mrs. Wm VRB Dau. 23Feb, in SB WP25Feb1871 2:5

Coombs Frederick ITEM Killed wife* ST4Mar1871 1:6

Coomers Mr/s P.C. ITEM Orizaba passenger SD23Oct1873 3:1

Cooper Elwood ITEM map gift/college ST16Oct1872 3:1

Cooper Ellwood ITEM Gr.juror; merchant DP20Sep1873 3:1

Cooper Ellwood ITEM Petition for trees SD3Feb1874 3:1

Cooper Ellwood ITEM Horse team runaway* DP4Mar1874 3:1

Cooper J.W. VRM to Fannie Hollister* WP15Jul1871 3:2

Cooper J.W. POL SB Col trustee ST23Jul1870 3:1

Cooper Jas. R VRD 20Oct of Zanesville, OH WP24Oct1874 12:3

Cooper Joel VRM To E.Hankins* SD6Feb1874 3:1

Cooper Joel H ITEM Legis. Rep article* ST7Aug1872 2:4

Cooter Mrs. J.W. VRB Son 9Apr, at Santa Rosa WP20Apr1872 3:2

Cordell Edward VRD Died suddenly* ST5Feb1870 3:2

Cordero Rafaela VRD in SB 8Feb age 26* DN11Feb1876 3:2

Cordero Mrs Jose VRB 22 Jul, daughter ST29Jul1871 2:4

Cordero Juan VRD Jan24, age36, in SB ST2Feb1870 2:3

Cordero Juana M. VRM to George Campi in SB, 29 Aug* WP5Sep1874 11:3

Cordero Victoria VRM 9Aug, Santa Ynez to F. Guevara* SP22Aug1868 2:?

Cornell Rev. John ITEM Farewell sermon* SD24Feb1874 3:1

Cornell Rev. John ITEM new minister* DP11Oct1873 3:1

Cornwall A. SOC Officer* ST14Jan1871 3:1

Corvin Phillip VRM to Janet Wrench 29Oct* WP29Nov1879 8:5

Cota Eliza ITEM article on singing* DP26Feb1873 3:1

Cota Petra VRD In SB 28Feb, age 11* ST2Mar1872 3:2

Covarrubias Clarisa C VRM to F.N. Gutierrez 18Jan* WP23Jan1875 12:4

Covarrubias Mr. G.W. VRM to Miss M.W. Carnes 29Mar* WP3Apr1880 8:5

Covarrubias Jose M. VRD 1 Apr; age 61 ST2Apr1870 2:4

Covarrubias Mr. N.A. ACC Broke leg, horse accident WP30Jul1870 2:6

Covarrubias N.A. ACC Broken ankle ST30Jul1870 3:1

Covarrubias N.A. VRB Son on 11Jul ST16Jul1870 3:1

Covarrubias N.A. ITEM Grand juror ST7May1870 3:1

Covarrubias N.A., Mr. ITEM Owns stable & phaeton* DP13Dec1873 3:1

Covarrubias Mrs. N.A. VRB Son, 18 Nov WP21Nov1874 3:3

Covarrubias Mr. N.A. ITEM new livery stable* DP26May1873 3:1

Covarrubias N.F. VRD 15 May in SB, age 9 months 17 days* SD17May1874 3:1

Cow Au VRM to Paug Hung, 1 May* WP2May1874 5:4

Coyle Peter, Mr. VRB Dau, 13 Nov* DP14Nov1873 3:2

Coyle Peter VRB Dau 15Nov at Cienegitas WP15Nov1873 5:5

Cr---? Sarah VRM to Peter Williams 24Jul* WP2Dec1871 2:5

Crabb Mary VRM to William Ealand 16Mar* WP20Mar1875 5:2

Cramer Lucy M VRM to Mr. BB Williams 1Jul* WP5Jul1879 8:4

Crane J.L. ITEM Raises watermelons* DP17Oct1873 3:1

Cranstoun Albert S VRD 14Jan in SF, age 33 ofSB* WP27Jan1872 2:6

Craven Thomas A VRB in Carp. 28Nov, son ST4Dec1872 3:2

Crawford Mr. VRD old resident of SB* DN11Jan1876 3:2

Cressey E.H. VRM to Lydia McKee, 10 Feb in SB* WT15Feb1873 2:3

Crook Father ITEM Arrived from SF SD17Sep1873 2:1

Cross Ellen M. VRM to T.Moore Logan 11Oct* WP18Oct1879 8:5

Cruck John ITEM Arrived from NV* SD19Sep1873 3:1

Cruz Francisco ITEM Accused of burglery ST7May1870 3:1

Cruz Francisco ITEM Accused of horse stealing SD16May1874 3:1

Cruz Francisco ITEM Horse thief SD13May1874 2:2

Cudin Edward L VRD In SB, 19 Jan, age 13 SD21Jan1874 3:1

Cunningham Hattie VRM 6 Apr/WmSexton ST9Apr1870 2:4

Curiac Mr. Denny VRD 27Feb, in SB SP3Mar1869 2:4

Curley T.B. ITEM Returned from IL ST16Dec18712:2

Curran Morris VRD 9Jul age 11yr 3mo* WP17Jul1875 5:6

Currier Charles L VRD 17Jan; Montecito* DN18Jan1876 3:3

Currier Otis J. VRD 12Feb age 19, in SB* WP16Feb1878 8:4

Curtis Mr. ITEM Lawsuit* ST9Jul1870 3:1

Curtis Wilbur ITEM Land dispute* ST28May1870 1:6

Curtiss Mr. ITEM Court case DP8Dec1873 3:1

Curtiss Wilbur BIO Problem ST25Jun1870 2:1

Cushing Steve ACC Riding horse SD14Sep1873 3:1

Cushing Steve ITEM Fined, disturbing the peace SD16May1874 3:1

Cushire Charles L VRD 17Jan, lived Montecito* WP22Jan1876 8:3

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